Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I am proud of the things that you do and concerned for those that you don’t. It’s about making choices. Keeping silent and not making one is also a choice! 

Always remember that for fulfilling your dreams there are only two paths that you can take – the easy path or the right path.  Easy path will give you instant gratification. You will always be ahead of time because you would have taken all possible short cuts. You will please everyone on the way because you would have spoken what they would have wanted to hear and not necessarily what was right. You would feel a lot lighter because you would have dropped your conscience and integrity on the way and not picked up anything new. There would be no obstacles on the path because it is an easy path.

However, if you take the right path you will have new possibilities & dimensions that you might not have thought of before you embarked on your journey.  You will find obstacles which will have to be overcome and in the process you would learn new things.  You would have made some friends and lost many because you would have said the right things and not necessarily the pleasing things. Not many doors would have opened instantly; you would have to try new ideas to make them open. You would have taken more time to achieve your dreams than what you might have anticipated before starting on the right path because you would have lost your way on many occasions or would have made new paths where none existed, for others to follow, in order to reach your destination. You would feel a lot heavier when you finally fulfill your dream because you would have added so many new experiences to your repertoire; you would have learnt so many new things about yourself; you would have a much more responsible outlook towards yourself and people who believe in you; you would know who are friends and who pretend to be friends and most importantly you would have learnt that the path that you choose teaches you much more about life and yourself than anything else.

So the path we take defines who we are, what we choose to be and what we will finally become. Doing the right thing is not always easy but doing the easy thing may not always be the right thing. Challenging yourself, I believe is the most difficult thing in life. When you challenge others you don’t know what you are against but when you are standing versus yourself, you know exactly what you are fighting against. This realization makes it more difficult because your mind will always be one step ahead and push you to take the easy way out. So always face your worst fear with eyes wide open and mind within your control. You will realize that mind may or may not be a good master but it is an excellent servant.  Learn to stand for who you choose to be rather than what you were born as.   


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