Saturday, July 07, 2012


A person who knows HOW will always have a job. The  person who knows WHY will always be the boss (not said by me). Why do mama and papa always say that you need to put in more and go that extra mile for gaining knowledge? You assume knowledge is only in the context of studies. You think getting good marks and being better than most in your class is what is necessary. Right? Now let me give you a fresh perspective on knowledge.

Just step back and visualize that you are looking at someone who is say just about your age, has the same likes and dislikes as you and is as smart as you. Now you become the parent of this vivacious, smart kid and think how you can help this kid to become a happy and responsible adult. This kid has to grow up and make a place for herself in this big, big world. She will not always have the protection of her parents or elders.  So she will need to learn how to manage herself. She will have to live on her own so that she can pay her bills and lead a life which she desires. She will need to work to grow as an individual and have an identity of her own. Now the question is how to do this: one way is she lives off on her parents’ assets which unfortunately will end one day; another way is she can learn and create mental wealth of her own which will never leave her, cannot be stolen by anyone and will always be there even if the material things in life perish. So tell me, as a parent, which path you would want this kid to take for being in charge of her life. Reflect on this. We as parents are faced with the same dilemma for our children.

Knowledge is important so you can better your understanding of the world and how things work. Knowledge is what prepares you for life. When you study History you get to know the triumphs and failures of people who have lived on this earth before you and me. You learn from them to make your life today better. When you learn Mathematics you are preparing yourself so that no one can cheat you. Most importantly you can learn to count your blessings and good things in life. When you study Geography you see how beautiful this planet is and plan what all would you want to add to your “bucket list” for visiting and experiencing in this life time. Language is the means which will help you express your love and anger; share your dreams; lead and comfort others and most importantly thank everyone around and god for all your blessings. Science helps you know how everything around you works – machines; chemicals & your own body. Knowledge is a very powerful tool indeed.

You prepare for your life by going to school, by reading, by being guided by elders, socializing with your classmates, coping with your environment. You will have a thought process of your own. Create your own standings in life. We live in an ever changing world. If we don’t learn how will we survive? How will you create a niche for yourself? Learning is required because to achieve anything in life you need to know where to start, what to do and how it is going to affect you and the people around you. Knowledge is not restricted to books only. Games are also a form of knowledge. It teaches you the most important lesson of life: teamwork. No one can exist in isolation. In order to do anything in life you will need to work with people. Its very important to learn how to manage people. Be the leader.  

Knowledge can also be gained by reading and observing others. You look at all the great people from past and present and learn from them. You gain the knowledge that every one has a chance in life. Life itself is a series of opportunities which you either grab or let it pass. You learn that there should never ever be fear of failure. Fear teaches you only one thing – running away. So if you drop this word from the dictionary of your life, you will be a winner all the way. When there is no fear everything becomes an opportunity to be achieved.


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