Friday, July 06, 2012

One Day

It’s a new day but how is it different from what it was yesterday or tomorrow? May be not. It’s only change in date and nothing else. But I am amazed at the power of any new day. It’s the same day…same 24 hours….same morning and night…yet for every person the value it holds is so different. The same day means achievement for some; despair for others; new beginning for some and ending of an era for some. …it is happiness and togetherness for many and separation and hurt for others. The beauty of each day however is the hope that it brings. It turns the tides for all of us. It gives all of us the power to make it different from what it was yesterday. But I wonder how many of us realize this power to change within themselves. This supremacy that has been bestowed on us by nature to shape our today is something that needs to be realized by us. There are so many living things on this earth but we humans are the only ones who can exercise this power. I was reading in an article yesterday that there is only 1% difference between the DNA of chimpanzees and humans. We can build life for ourselves they can’t. How many of us realize that this power to change is not something that we can do only for ourselves but can make a huge difference in the lives of others…people around us.  

I want you to understand the importance of this day. Everything in life can be turned back except the clock. There is no “control z” in our lives. We cannot undo what we have done. All of us realize the importance of the day but sometimes it’s too late or there is little that you can do about things that have happened. However if you utilize this today believe me you will never have to worry about it tomorrow. All of us have this within us to turn an absolutely ordinary day into an extra-ordinary one. All of have the same 24 hours but we use it in unique ways.  Some use it for making profits; some use it to survive; some just live it but there are also people who spent this one day in making a difference to one’s life or more importantly lives of others. 

I keep telling you beta that you need to make something of your life. This is important because if you want to do something for anyone else, you need to be strong yourself. Only people who have strength can support others. You have read about creepers and you know they cannot grow without support. There are trees like banyan, mango, peepal etc. Both of them are plants but while one needs support of others for its survival; the others provide the base for other plants; birds; animals etc to survive. 

Believe me Aayushi it’s within us that we become creepers or banyan. This one day that you have today is what will help you in creating the life that you want to make for yourself.

Whenever we don’t want to do something today, it’s very easy to say I will do it tomorrow. But you know what Aayushi there is nothing called tomorrow. Are you surprised? I don’t think so you should be. Just think whenever we talk of tomorrow what are we talking about because there is a today but what is tomorrow. The moment today comes tomorrow is gone. You can depend on today but not on tomorrow because it never comes. So seize this day and make the most of. You will never have any regrets in life because you lived today and made the most out of it. The beauty of working today is that you will never have to worry about tomorrow because you will not wait for tomorrow to finish what you started today. 

Always remember that the price of anything that you want to do is in the amount of life you exchange for it. Don’t short sell your life.



  1. Marvellous thoughts Shaloo! It's inspiring, honest and sincere.

    1. Thanks Bhaiya...have always wanted to do finally started...keep checking and commenting for improvements or new topics..

  2. very beautiful thoughts ma....the truth rang in each and every word of yours...what you wrote was just wonderful

  3. "Carpe Diem" - sieze the day .........very well written Shalu and for every child to comprehend what the parent says is a big thing in itself.