Monday, July 09, 2012

Never be afraid of

Never be afraid of saying no when you know "this is not what I want to do";
Never be afraid of saying yes when you are sure of what you are getting into;
Never be afraid of walking alone when you know you are on the right path and not many have the courage to join you;
Never be afraid of standing alone for what you believe in, for not everyone can stand for themselves, or others;
Never be afraid of giving your hand to someone who needs your support even if they don’t ask or deserve it;
Never be afraid of saying “yes I did it” when you know what you did was right;
Never be afraid of saying “I was wrong” when you know that you did go wrong this time;
Never be afraid of saying thank you to something which would seem like your right and only natural that people are doing it for you;
Never be afraid of saying sorry when you feel that from your heart;
Never be afraid to say “I love you” to all you truly love;
Never be afraid to fall in love just because there could be a heart break in the end;
Never be afraid to lose even if you know that at the onset itself;
Never keep yourself from playing just because there is a 50% chance of losing;
Never be afraid to shed a tear for something that touches your heart or has hurt you;
Never be afraid of being alone for you always have your company;
Never be afraid of being the first one to try something new;
Never be afraid of falling but don’t forget to get up and start running again for if you don’t get up then you have truly fallen;
Never be afraid of going wrong because there is always a first time;
Never, never, never give up;
Be the miracle

Always be happy!


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  1. loved it....its really inspirational, its really made me believe in myself more
    - Aayu