Wednesday, July 11, 2012


What are we if not for our roots? What we are and what we will be is all defined by how strong or weak our roots are. If we need to understand ourselves, it is very important to understand our roots. One is able to appreciate more of what one has got if we understand where we come from.

If you want to stand strong to brave all storms that might hit your life, you need to have strong roots. That is why when any structure is being built; the maximum time is spent on constructing the foundation. They are never visible to the external world but that is what bears the weight of the building. Beautiful exterior can never be a match for a strong foundation.  So focus on the basics and the fundamentals. Rest all will be built effortlessly. Concentrate on building excellence, success will follow.

For growing ups, values learnt at home and education at school form the foundation on which many a dreams can be built. Even if the dreams are fragile, they will withstand the test of time and survive and who knows will be true someday. To build this strong foundation requires self motivation. If you feel from within you will be able to do anything and everything. External pressures only work for a while. The fire within is what keeps one going on and on and on. So keep these fires burning.


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