Monday, August 20, 2012


The most precious commodity and unfortunately the least respected in most quarters by most people. Today I was reading an article on punctuality and it struck that how very few consider it a value to live by. The notion of "IST" - Indian Standard Time - is so very ingrained in us. Being on time means acceptable delay of 15-30 mins. Its normal and forgiven if you ask people. Some organizations do try to build their culture around being on time for everything but then it is looked as an aspect of being professional and not personal belief so much. Personally I strongly feel that punctuality reflects character.  We do not have the right to waste someone else's time as I would waste mine.     

In our day to day existence, we are so casual about time as if it is an inexhaustible resource. In reality it is in "limited edition". In our growing up years we were guided by importance of finishing the task at hand 'right now' and not wait for the 'waking moment' to commence our work. Being punctual is considered 'oh-so-not-happening'. You give the impression of having nothing better to do than to come on time if you are punctual for an appointment. It has permeated into all aspects of our life. Poignant but true.

If we know that we are 'habitual late comers', then effort should be to rectify it and not gloat about it. You can never gain respect of self made individuals when you don't respect time. Being on time means that you know the value of time. Every possible value creation is based on its shelf life. In other words till what time it will last. Similarly punctuality is a virtue to be lived and not an accessory. 'On time' means being 5 minutes early. The known variables that can affect your punctuality are limited. Hence planning ahead and keeping plan B in place is not an unnecessary effort. When you start being punctual you will realize how strong you are. You are able to manage a resource which is not only scarce but also non-renewable. Even if no one appreciates it, it will give you a sense of accomplishment and being responsible. Your first responsibility for practicing any personal value is with yourself. Start keeping appointments with yourself before expecting from others. 

So be on time and don't try because there is nothing like "I will try to...". Either you do it or you don't do it.


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