Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What Independence means to me

Freedom without responsibility is anarchy (not said by me). I have always treated my independence as my birth right, a privilege accorded to me without any effort from my side. It’s as natural as breathing, walking, talking, sleeping etc. Every year we celebrate this day with a lot of pageantry and show of emotions anywhere and everywhere. 

However this is perhaps the first year when I really got down to thinking as to what independence really means to me as an individual. Is it just a date, a journey, a holiday, an emotion, a privilege, right et al? All these words have importance in context to Independence Day but they don’t resonate with my being. Am I really free? I am afraid of helping an accident victim on road, I am afraid to report abuse if I come across one, I am afraid to step out of the house at night, I am afraid of refusing a bribe for getting work done, I am afraid to help a stranger in need, I am afraid of saying no to things which have social importance attached to them, I am afraid to yearn for things beyond my means, I am afraid to walk out of discussions which are hollow but obligatory. The list is unending. With so many fears in my heart and mind, how can I claim to be independent? Then what does independence mean to me? I am still struggling to come up with answers that would enthuse me to celebrate this feeling as a person.

So what does independence mean to you? Start thinking now before its too late.


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