Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Every zero put on the right side of a figure increases it ten times. Come to think of it, in literal sense zero denotes nothing. In life everything begins from a zero and ends in a zero. There is a kind of nothingness in it which makes it great. The power of this "nothing" amazes me. When I come to reflect, there is abundance in zero because you can start anything from zero. Nothing else gives you this power. Even a one added will make it either a one or a ten depending on where you place it, left or right of zero. The result has to be more than zero.  Silence for me is that zero from where anything can be started. Life too can be scripted, once again.

Long time back in an in-flight magazine I had read an article written by a Chinmaya Mission Acharya. What I remember of it is that he had described silence as “not just inability of the mute to speak or of the talkative to keep shut or absence of any sound”. I still recollect as it had got me contemplating on this beautiful concept on my entire trip.

I am experiencing the same pensive disposition ever since I have picked up a book given by a friend on the gifts that we have in our lives. Not many books have the ability to stay with you for a long time after you have closed it. The book dealt with the concept of appreciation for all the gifts that we have been bestowed by life on us. We lose sight of these gifts in the humdrum of existence. We need to be silent and get them back.

After closing the book, I just sat back to think as to what was that one most important gift that I have got from life, at no cost. Silence perhaps. Silence for me is zero noise, zero turbulence, zero traffic of conflicting thoughts, zero remorse, zero regrets, zero high and; so on. It’s the only state where I can be more than what I appear to be. It is the only state where I can take note of myself and do away with any external noise. Where I am doing nothing and yet achieving the best this life has to offer.

We are so accustomed to being surrounded by something or someone that we have actually lost touch with what it is like to be oneself. All kinds of noises, external or internal, are forcing us to do away with this company. It’s the same thing we are teaching our children. We never tell them to just sit quite for some time and spend time with themselves. We never pass on the message that it’s ok to do nothing and just “be”. Why should we teach our children that they should make all attempts or rush to fill-in all the empty slots in a day or for that matter even life. Let there be space. We don't realize that in this process, later in life, our children will also run after attaining that “oneness” which we could have given them right from inception. No one gets into trouble for being silent. Use silence as your strength. One can convey a million emotions or make a point through one state, silence. Silence takes nothing but gives you peace and concentration, important ingredients for a happy life.

I believe that some part of the day should be just for you. “No entry” for anyone or anything, strictly. Do things which make you happy, silently. Read books which make you a better person, silently. Listen to music which touches your heart, silently. Look around you and soak the surrounding, silently. You will see the difference in yourself. Be in the ‘zero’ zone for some part of every day. Rest will follow. Believe me.      



  1. Thats true u need to keep some time for ur self but i never want u to keep silence . I want u to always talk life is good when we see u bubbly and talkative

  2. Thank you Lipika. I fully appreciate your "appreciation and concerns". However what I wanted to convey was the importance of what I say as "doing nothing and yet achieving so much"....I am talkative and will remain so...Love