Sunday, November 04, 2012

A little bit of "extra" in all that we do...

Long after all is won or lost we think of that little "extra" that could have made the difference to winning or losing. I often wonder how powerful is this “extra”? Nothing is complete or just right as there is always room for “extra”. It sounds familiar. Come to think of it, it makes a grand difference to everything - be it food, sports, academics and most importantly life. We as individuals are never satisfied with what we have. Maslow's 'self-actualization' is a distant dream for most people if not all. Everything “extra” that others have or different from us is unabashedly craved for (jewellery, wife and car top the list – exception here being our own child, who is always better than others). Most perceive grass to be greener on the other side of the fence. My humble advice to all my sane fellow human beings is if the grass is greener on the other side, in all probability the water and electricity bill must also be higher. Please check. It will make you happy, at least for some time. 

In one of the scenes, in the movie “Kung Fu Panda” (yes I love watching animation movies), Master Oogway (the tortoise) provides helpful advice to Master Shifu (the red panda) when he says “there are no accidents”. This sentence struck a chord with me. Kept mulling over it and could see the point he was trying to make - nothing is by chance. Everything has a rhyme or reason. There is a rhythm to life. Success is never an accident nor is failure a fluke. You either work your way up or really work hard for your way down. Yes there are no accidents. Observe yourself carefully, I am sure you will either see the signs of becoming a hit or identify the symptoms for an impending crash. Maybe our conscious is not aware and the unconscious is at work. It is this unconscious or sub conscious or whatever you may refer it as which is giving the “extra” to make things happen. By design or default we do manage to give that “extra” for things to happen. Even madness has way of happening and “extra” could take it to another level altogether.    

The other day I was thinking (try this exercise sometimes, good for the grey cells) about why is this "extra" so important in all that we do. Why can't just doing something be as great or as gratifying for me as an individual? No extra. "Just do it" as one of the brand asserts. I have actually tried this on many occasions and believe me it just doesn't feel the same. "Extra" is required. It does add that bling and zing to all that we have accomplished. It gives a sense of satisfaction that cannot be replaced by anything else. No victory is complete without the realization that we gave that "extra" bit, nor is any defeat free of the angst that some "extra" effort could have made the difference.

It is my firm belief that anything when given “extra” makes it worth living or at least pretending to die for. This credence is further strengthened when I think of the possibility this “extra” holds for our relationships with children and elders. Yes both ends of the spectrum called life. When given to children it teaches them to push themselves a lit bit more for what they choose to be. It may or may not make their world go round but the experience would be worth it. Similarly, when shared with an elder makes him/her happy believing that they have led an “extra” ordinary life and can now rest in peace with this realization. A much needed emotional support at their age.

As I always share, it is very important to build faith in this “extra” in your growing up years and always push the envelope and go that “extra” mile for making difference to your life as well as others around you. The difference between the people on top of the ladder and down below is that “extra” they bring to all that they do or don’t do. 

Think about it.


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