Monday, November 26, 2012

I can see clearly....

It’s a beautiful and warm morning when I am sitting to write something to you. Everything is clear and I can see everything. It’s not just visual but also got to do with my own thoughts. It is moments like these that you seem to have the power to overcome any obstacle, solve any problem or live through the downs that may appear in your way. I was just mulling over whether these “bursts of clarity” have anything to do with the time of the day or are these just…sparks which appear and disappear at will. The answer my friend was just blowing in the cool morning air. The key is to continually question and find the answers. On your own.

There was something that had caught my attention a few days back when I was visiting an army cantt. On the entrance gate were these words painted “Respect All, Suspect All”. This kept coming back to me time and again specially when I was leaving or entering the premises. The significance of the words was not in its meaning but in its simplicity. You need to respect people before you suspect them. How often do we do this in our daily life, in the same order? Why is it that some things bother us more than others? Why some problems make us think while others make us turn our backs on it? Does it have anything to do with respecting our problems before we start suspecting that it would be negative?  

Problem never says that I am easy. Problem never says that I am tough. Problem never says that I am going to destroy you. Problem never says that I am here to open doors for you. Problem never says that I am your best friend. Problem never says that I am your enemy no. 1. Problem never says that I am the beginning and definitely problem never says that I am the end. They are just plain, simple “problems”. Waiting to be solved or closed.

The moment we take out the meanings we attach to this hourly sometimes daily phenomenon (to the unfortunate, monthly), it does not paralyze us. Problems can never be bigger or more important than you or your mental/physical/spiritual being. So solve it and move on. Big deal. Just take it for what it is and close it. Life would be easier if we did not have problems but then what about being interesting and the surprise element. So embrace your problems and take it on, buddy. Surprise problem before it does the same to you.       

I guess bright, pristine mornings do this to you. Get up and find your own questions to answer.  


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