Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Letter to a 16 year old daughter

Dear Daughter,

Happy Birthday Baby. I love you now and always will. 

As the clock struck in the midnight, one sixteen year old was added to the world.. ....and more importantly, to our world. It sure changed things for us. How does it feel to you? Any different from what you felt yesterday or day before? None, is it? You are sixteen. That’s what turning up a certain age is all about. It’s like you have the license to do many things but don’t know what to fuss over or where to go. You are like an empty page on which many stories await to be written (could turn into a bestseller someday, watch out for it honey). Then there would be things beyond your care while others will be question of life and death. Each emotion will demand equal attention and the whole world will be out there to be conquered. Different people and issues will pull you in different directions. Guys around you will tell you things which you would willingly believe. Nothing wrong with these, sweetheart. Perfectly natural, I would say. However like all products (with or without “i”), age too has its instructions for handling and do’s and don’ts. Nothing wrong with this either. With each passing year, there would be so many other things you would want to try and accomplish. You will, I am sure.

We never realize when we grow that each passing day is adding to that one most important thing in life - experience. Each deed is added to this repertoire called "as per my experience". Always remember you are the person you are today because of all that you did yesterday and on all the days that you have lived so far. Good or bad, doesn’t matter. Those are labels depending on how you view it today and nothing else. Experiences are like one of those things – whether you like it or not, want it or not, appreciate it or not – they just, plain, happen. However you can always choose to script it the way you want. Celebrate your successes but be proud, sensitive and respectful to your “near misses in life” because achievements are applauded by all. Bloopers can be appreciated only by the one who makes it. Give equal importance to both if you want to have the wings to fly but would want a perfect landing on every return. Think from your mind but always listen to your heart. It might be on the wrong side but always shows you the right path. Some say that intelligent learn from others mistakes but then you get to grasp only the result. You miss out on the story that lead to it and all the other learning’s associated with it. So choose carefully where you would like to test waters first before you leap and where you would like to take the plunge at the word go. Most importantly, pray for the wisdom to know the difference!! It’s my firm belief that all lives are well lived. Results may or may not be as desired but the journey can never be in vain.

When we walk on the path called life, we mostly stop to take rest which is when we celebrate our birthdays each year. Good day to party. Then on passing certain places, we stop just to look around and take in whatever we can, to carry them in our hearts to inspire us. There are times when we also need to sit back and pause and look back on the life lived. Looking back on a lifetime of meaningful existence. That’s when these milestone years like 16, 18, 21, 30 etc. come to be truly understood. When they happen, we celebrate but don’t experience any immediate change. The change is not in us but in the way people treat us or view us when we turn a certain age. Remember, you are beautiful and incredible in all ages. When growing up, different ages will demand you to be courageous, mature, hold on, let go and make choices, sometimes difficult too. Being courageous doesn't mean that you have to be fearless all the time or let nobody see your emotions or take tough calls. It just means that there are important things in life which will have to take precedence over others. While you start doing something’s, you might have to stop doing others. Love for some things or people will be stronger than others. In the landscape of your life some objects will have brighter colors or hues than the others. That’s what aging is all about, my love.

So don’t let any pressure bog you down or any hurt keep you from giving your all. Don’t let the fear of losing keep you from playing the game of life. It takes courage to give all that you possess for that one passion you want to pursue. It takes lot of strength to give love when nobody cares. It takes nerve of steel to be true. It takes attitude to be who you are and not feel guilty about it. So be you. Just be you.

I guess I should stop now. I could go on forever, you know.

Once again, happy birthday girl.    


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