Friday, February 08, 2013

Life's most beautiful things come for free....

There are days that I believe no Gods. There are days when I believe in all Gods. Believing or not believing, I feel, have got nothing to do with actually experiencing God or any of his miracles (if any happen). It’s just that when I believe in God, I believe in all that is beautiful and peaceful in his creation.

How often in our busy or not-so-busy day do we set aside a few minutes for just trying to experience God? Very few would have actually thought of it. When I say experiencing God, I mean appreciating myself. As an adult woman or man we are so caught up in our daily grind that we never ever stop to say “thank you” to ourselves…Gods’ greatest creation. I sincerely believe that we are born pure. As we grow, we pick up things that attract us and become the person we are today. We inculcate those habits which are more convenient over those which would require some efforts to develop. How else do you explain the variety in human beings?

No parent would ever want his or her child to be a criminal or a serial offender or an anti-social element etc but we do have such people in our society.  It’s been the same ever since the evolution of man. Good and bad is what makes our world go round. Yin and yang have to live together. Blacks and whites have to go hand-in-hand to create all the colors that we enjoy in life. We need bad to appreciate what is good. We have all Gods and so is Satan around. Isn’t it?  

However I wonder, what stops black from enjoying white; wrong to enjoy right or for that matter bad to enjoy good that is there in our life? Everyone has 24 hrs in a day. No reservations or extra helpings here.

Every day we are provided with an opportunity to pick up what is beautiful and cherish it. Every day we are given a chance to bring a smile to someone’s face or make their day. Every day we are exposed to occasions where our helping hand can make easier for somebody to get up or walk or sit down. Every day we end up situations where one pat-on-the-back from us can motivate somebody to give their best. Every day we get windows where one kind word from us can give someone the will to survive or fight against all odds.  It goes on and on and on. We just need to be more alive and creative to do these. Happiness runs in a circular motion. What we give has to come back to us. What goes up has to come down.

Just look around and I am sure you will find at least one opportunity for bringing a smile to someone’s face; make someone feel wanted and respected. Every day one action to spread what is good in all of us. Push yourself for it. It could be something like a “thank you” to your wife or husband or parents or neighbors for being there; helping a friend finishing an assignment when s/he has run out of deadline; giving your cook off on a Sunday etc. Try out any one act, each day, when provided with an opportunity or better still create one, everyday, for the next 30 days. It will become a habit by then. 

Life is for free and so are its most beautiful things.

Share with me how you felt. It will make my day for sure.


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