Monday, March 11, 2013

You can only beat the system...if you are a part

(wrote this on topic very close to my heart....a  few years back...but find it relevant even today)

In last couple of days I saw some movies and two of them caught my imagination. Though there is nothing common in them starting from the era when they were made to star cast to the directors to the story line. I mean nothing in common. Nothing at all. Yet they told me the same thing.

The first one was "Satyakam". It is directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Well he is more commonly associated with movies about common man and his life. The villains are the situations and not some paranormal beings..anyways..the protagonist was played by Dharmendra [and his name was not "Satyakam" but "Satyapriya"]. The movie revolves around his idealism and how he wanted to stay in this society being true to himself.

My second reference is a more recent National Award winning movie "Page 3". The director is the well known Madhur Bhandarkar who again is associated with movies of common people and their life. The protagonist was played by Konkana Sen Sharma.

I guess now that I am writing I can draw a parallel between both the directors. Both tell their stories about people like you and me but the difference is in the way they tell it. While Hrishikesh Mukherjee's portrayal was more light hearted and made you feel good when you come out watching that all is not lost in life after all. Madhur Bhandarkar is more hard hitting for he forces you to see things which we generally want to get away from.

Anyways coming back to my experience of watching these movies. I had watched both the movies earlier also but never in succession. And it is perhaps this co-incidence which made me sit up to something which I had missed on earlier occasions. Both movies had protagonist who believed in truth and only truth. Who perhaps felt that there is perhaps no other way of living but the true way. Both the protagonists had their own belief system and were not ready to give in...easily to the pressures of our society. While in case of Satyapriya of "Satyakam" he died but did not break, Madhavi of "Page 3" gave in only to save her soul.

What really put my thought process in motion were two dialogues from these movies: first from "Satyakam" where Satyapriya's wife Ranjana [played by Sharmila Tagore to perfection], on one occasion, tells his more 'worldly' best friend Naren [played by Sanjeev Kumar] that "sone ke zevar banane ke liye thodi toh khot milani padti hai". Second from "Page 3" where Madavai's male journalist friend tells her that "you have to be in the system to change the system". Beautiful lines. Aren't they???

Both these stories were written in different eras by different screen play writers and told to the world by different directors. Yet when you look at the two at a deeper level, they had the same soul. The soul of truth, interpreted in diffrerent ways against different backgrounds. When you look at both these dialogues one can't help but feel that "is truth so difficult to handle in its pure form"? Can we present something as pure as truth in any other form but the truth?

All of us want to be told the truth and nothing but the truth in all that we do in life, in all our relationships, all our dealings...but when it comes to giving truth to others we shield ourselves against statements like one cannot handle truth, "how can I tell you the truth you will not be able to take it", there is more to it than the truth...

It really makes me wonder when there is something we love receiving why can't we give it to others in the same form. Some people say that one can lie to the whole world but not to oneself...while to counter this there are others who feel sometimes we are actually able to achieve a level where one perfects the art of saying distorted truth to oneself. I really don't know which is a better state to be in..whether to be true to oneslef..or to save oneself from the truth....but yes the thought process has been set into motion yet again...once again....


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  1. Once again, you spelt out the dilemma going on. whether to say the truth and face the music or to wear a mask yet accept the untrue and believe that what i feel is true but cannot be explored. very very thoughtful...that reminds me that whenever i have a problem with the truth and that has been at many times and many levels i remember the movie Page 3 and the same dialogue you mentioned "you have to be in the system to beat the system" with proof and facts.