Thursday, October 10, 2013

I have a dream....

I often wonder would Wordsworth have written a “Daffodils” or Frost a “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening” or Tagore his numerous works if they were living in our times. Armed with gadgets, latest apps and technology would they have felt bored enough to actually step out to experience what they did and more so over physically written it down? I have my doubts, serious ones. 

Where is the time to be just aimless and still? We are so busy filling up that unforgiving one minute with myriad activities that we most of the times forget living? Perhaps until and unless dreaming shows some extraordinary gains to make it into our daily ‘to do’ list we would never have time for that. It needs to be added as a subject in the school curriculum for parents to wake up to its importance.

The stillness of a cat; flowing of the river; random growing of the wild flowers along the road less taken; sudden showers in midst of nowhere; a smile from a total stranger walking on the road etc. are things which make me appreciate that not everything in life has to have a purpose. Some things are just meant to be, cherished for it being there. Just be.

I watched the movie “Diana” and it made me sit up and think on what is that constitutes a happy life? Looking at the life of Princess Diana I would think she had everything that defines success – name; fame; beauty; power – but was she happy? No. She did not live a happy life and the death was even more tragic. So what are we running after? Like all middle class professional parents, I too have pushed my daughter to focus and study hard to achieve things in life that money can buy. But I forgot the basic dictum of life - money cannot buy happiness. So what should we teach our children to be – successful or happy? My vote as a parent would go to success but as a mother would go to happiness. The bitter truth of life is also that money cannot buy happiness but can buy all the other things which helps one live a dignified life. So where does success end and happiness begin or vice versa? Or are they something that go hand in hand?

It’s difficult to comprehend and even more difficult to answer but I have made a modest attempt at it as a parent, as a mother. I am not sure it’s right or wrong and honestly I don’t care either. Try on:
  • Getting up 30 minutes earlier than usual in the morning and having that “me-time” is happiness. Utilizing some part of that time to contemplate on important things to be completed through the day is success.
  • Making healthy choices in food is happiness. Improved health and efficiency at home and work are success.           
  • To create a home and life you always wanted is happiness. Getting the job you love is success.  
  • Going for that walk or doing yoga is happiness. Being in touch with oneself and understanding the self is success.
  • Reading the book that you love before sleeping at night is happiness. The wisdom derived from the reading and utilized in daily life is success.
  • Ability to make the child understand the importance of education at school/college is happiness. Children getting good grades and eventually landing the marks to pursue career of choice is success.  
  • Listening to music you love is happiness. Spreading the calm achieved from the music in all aspects of life is success.
  • Calling friends and family to know about their well being is happiness. Making the family and personal connect stronger is success.
  • Cooking for the loved ones is happiness. Seeing them enjoy and indulge is success. 
  • Switching off all gadgets with no care of the world is happiness. The renewed bonds at home are success.
  • Watching that movie which makes you cry or the one that makes you laugh your guts out is happiness. Develop understanding of emotions and knowing you are capable of enjoying both is success.
  • Doing nothing and being one with nature in whatever form possible is happiness. Making something out of nothing is success.
  • To have a dream is happiness. Making it come true is success. 

So I have a dream….for you….for happiness and success...only you can make it come true....

Love Ma


  1. Didi, I think this is the best post I have read from you and of all those I have read lately.. Thank you.

  2. thanks Bebu...please share on your FB page...I would appreciate that....

  3. I liked the fine distinction between happiness and success. I personally believe that "Children getting good grades and eventually landing the marks to pursue career of choice" is not a success though......

    very insightful and engaging blog Shalini

  4. I appreciate your differing opinion...and thanks for the kind words...such opinions are food for my thought...

  5. Aap ki bhawnaye, aapki soch PRERNASPD HAI WAHI APKI SABD, APKI BHASA SHALI SUndar hai.

    1. Bahut dhanyawad aise prernadayak shabdo ke liye....mera aik hindi blog bhi hai jo aap chahe toh padh sakte hain...mere profile par jayenge toh uska link mil jayega....