Saturday, February 14, 2015


All my life I have kept following the age old wisdom of doing things today and more importantly now.  The importance of today is ingrained in all of us right from the time we start understanding instructions. This is true for human race across generations and cultures.  From home to school to work we are told to finish things today. Do not leave anything for tomorrow. For you never know tomorrow might never come. True if you believe it. I too follow this but now I am learning to unlearn this dictum in toto.

Yes today is very important but why should it undermine the value of tomorrow? It’s not that presence of one should necessarily negate that of another? If you come to think of it, can you visualize a today without tomorrow? No. Today is there only because there is a tomorrow which will follow it. Without a tomorrow looming large, there will not be any today. When we get up in morning, its today which holds all the promises for a beginning but come to think of it when we go of to sleep at night, it’s the tomorrow which can make all dreams come true when you get up. So why not think about tomorrow? Don't write off tomorrow.

Whenever I look around I am increasingly convinced that it’s the tomorrow which holds the key to happiness for the common, average man walking on the streets – could be in any part of the world. What keeps us going today is the knowledge that even if I am not able to finish today, after all tomorrow is another day (made famous by Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind”). Come to think of it, isn’t the knowledge that there is a tomorrow which keeps us going for most part of our lives? Every defeat, every fall, every stumble, every failure is overcome by the thought that there is a tomorrow to make everything right. Tomorrow is that space which gives us the will to fight and survive the onslaughts of today. All the wounds that are inflicted by today can be relieved with the balm of tomorrow. One can sleep at night after a day filled with survivals, fights, deadlines, heart breaks, pain, pressures etc. because there is  a tomorrow to which we will wake up. The smile comes when the thought of a better and beautiful tomorrow crosses our mind.

This does not mean that I am advocating pushing things to tomorrow just because it’s there. Use tomorrow with prudence and smartly. Smile and live today to the fullest but remember there is a standby called tomorrow to do all these things again. Try and see the difference. This tomorrow is what will become TODAY so plan things for TODAY and then start working towards it. Today and tomorrow co-exist. You can’t have one without the other. The fact that you believe in a happy tomorrow is what makes you work today. The fact that you believe in a garden, you will plant trees today. The fact that you believe in having a soul mate tomorrow that you will look for love today. The fact that you believe in living a great life tomorrow you will build passion in all that you do today. So all that that has the potential to create peace, calm and happiness for tomorrow, begins today. So start today for the tomorrow!!  


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